brazilian butt lift (fat transfer)

Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer) Before and After Pictures

If you’re longing to have a butt like JLo, Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, you may be in luck. Using our Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer), you can turn your flat behind into a beautiful, curvy backside in no time. This procedure has been gaining popularity over the years among our patients in Lanham, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and the surrounding areas, mostly because of the phenomenal results you can expect. See for yourself in our Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer) before and after pictures.

Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery provides Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer) procedures to patients throughout Lanham, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, Annapolis and Columbia, MD.