Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer) in Washington, DC

Located in Lanham, MD, Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery offers the Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer) to the residents of Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD and the surrounding communities.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer)?

There are many ways to achieve a beautifully sculpted behind, and one of the most popular procedures we perform here in our Lanham, MD, office is the brazilian butt lift (fat transfer) procedure. Unlike in a butt augmentation, the buttock lift does not use foreign implants. Rather, it uses your own body fat, which is injected into the buttocks to make them larger, rounder and more firm.

If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure, or if you want to learn more about brazilian butt lift (fat transfer) prices, give us a call today. We’d also be happy to provide you with some brazilian butt lift before and after pictures so you can see how this procedure differs from the other butt-enhancing options.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer) Performed?

The brazilian butt lift, in this case, is performed using fat cells from your own body. Some of the most common areas include the flanks, the other legs and the upper and outer buttocks. It’s important that our patients for this type of brazilian butt lift procedure have enough fat to spare. Once injected into your buttocks, you will notice a dramatic increase in the volume and shape of your backside. And the best part is that, because the fat is taken from your own body, there is very little chance of rejection and the results are much more natural, which you’ll see here in our brazilian butt lift before and after pictures.

What are Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer) Costs?

As with many cosmetic surgery procedures, the brazilian butt lift (fat transfer) is a highly individualized procedure. That is why it’s best to discuss brazilian butt lift (fat transfer) costs with your surgeon during your initial consultation. Give us a call today and we’d be happy to set up your appointment and answer any additional questions that you might have.

Dr. Nia Banks

Dr. Banks and her friendly, skilled team at Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, work to create a comfortable atmosphere and give patients in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD and the surrounding communities, the best care and quality of work available in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Please visit Dr. Banks™ Lanham, MD office before embarking on your surgical journey, because your trust and comfort with us is of the utmost importance.