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SmartLipo vs Liposuction

SmartLipo, Liposuction, Dr. Nia Banks, Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, Baltimore, MDLosing weight can be hard, and so can getting rid of that last bit of stubborn fat. If you’ve spent hours exercising and dieting to lose weight, but just haven’t achieved your desired results you may be considering SmartLipo or Liposuction procedures. If so, it’s important to educate yourself, and know the key differences in how each body sculpting procedure can benefit you.

What is Liposuction

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure performed that involves the removal of fat cells from the body. Liposuction utilizes a thin, hollow tube called the cannula to suction fat cells from the subcutaneous tissues of the desired area. Liposuction can be performed under sedation or can utilize general anesthesia administered through an IV, putting the patient in a sleeping state. Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the United States and is ideal for patients that have been unsuccessful in eliminating fat through diet, exercise, and weight loss. If you are considering liposuction you should be at a stable and comfortable weight.

What is Smart Lipo

SmartLipo is a minimally invasive process performed under local anesthesia that utilizes a laser that liquefies unwanted fat deposits and stimulates collagen production. The surgeon uses a small tube that generates laser heat that delivers energy to the fat cells, causing them to liquefy so that they may be easily removed. Additionally, laser heat coagulates the blood vessels leading to less bruising and swelling and has a benefit of tightening the skin. Liposuction doesn’t provide the same  skin tightening benefits of a tummy tuck or other skin excision procedures, increasing the possibility of sagging and dimpling post-surgery, especially with patients that have lost skin elasticity.


Liposuction requires patients wear a compression garment for 4 weeks post-surgery, or until swelling and bruising has gone away. Patients shouldn’t engage in any exercise or strenuous activities for one week. On the other hand, SmartLipo has a shorter recovery time, providing a full recovery for within a few days. SmartLipo still requires the patient wear compression garments for four weeks post-surgery.

If you think a liposuction or SmartLipo is right for you, or to learn more about these procedures and if they are right for you please contact www.drbanksplasticsurgery.com for a consultation at (301) 880-7022, located in Columbia MD.

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